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Why Landscaping Should Be Your Next Home Improvement Project

Whether you are considering selling your home or just making improvements that will boost its value, landscaping is a good place to start. For most homes, landscaping adds approximately 14% to the resale value. Again, even if you are not considering selling your home, that’s a good investment to consider. Choosing the right projects is the key to boosting value and creating a yard that you are proud of.

Curb appeal is a term that is often heard in the real estate market. That’s because it’s true. The home’s front yard appearance adds a lot to the entire property’s value. In 2020, homeowners invested an average of $8,305 in 2.77 home improvement projects. Overall, this represents a $745 increase from the year before. There are several landscaping projects that are recommended by professionals. These are a few.

Starting with New Trees

Planting new trees can make a home appear more attractive and welcoming. Placement is important because it should not interfere with the driveway, or septic system, and shouldn’t be too close to the house itself.

One thing to consider is that trees, particularly large trees, develop extensive root systems. These can be destructive to the home’s foundation and septic system. So, when planting new trees, carefully consider where they are placed so that they can grow and flourish.

Take Care of the Lawn and Maintain it

A green grass lawn is always appealing, but it does take some maintenance. The lawn should be mowed and any weeds pulled. Brown or dull spots need to be taken care of with fertilizer or simply replaced. A well-maintained lawn is appealing to everyone who comes to your home. Another way to accent the lawn is to install bright flowering plants in beds. This makes the lawn more eye-catching. If this seems too big of a project for you, consider hiring a lawn and landscaping professional. Homeowners in the last 12 months hired pros for weed prevention and control (42%), tree care (51%), and lawn pest control (46%). They are also available for mowing, which 50% of homeowners use.

Consider Landscape Lighting

When you have your lawn in great shape, install landscape lighting that highlights trees or up lights on the home. You can also install lighting on the sidewalk to the front door. This serves several purposes. First, it’s very attractive and welcoming to guests. It can prevent accidents such as tripping. Also, it can deter burglars.

With outdoor lighting, look for LED solar lights that will draw energy during the day. In the evening they will come on without you having to consider it. They are also very easy to install and are energy efficient. Plus, it gives your guests a warm, inviting welcome when they come in the evening.

Update Your Front Walkway

If your walkway has broken concrete or cracked paving stones, these need to be taken care of as they detract from the overall impression of the home. You may put flowers on both sides of the walkway. Lighting the walkway is another good step.

While you are working on the front of the home, consider updating the lighting around the front door and the door’s hardware. Out-of-date lighting and hardware instantly dates a home. These are simple fixes. You may even consider refreshing the paint on the front door so that it is fresh and new.

Caring for your home and front yard is an investment that brings many returns. This is regardless of whether you are considering selling the home or are looking to build the home’s value. A little bit of landscaping improvement results in great rewards. While many home improvement projects will lower in value over time, investing in landscaping is one that doesn’t. Planting a tree and caring for it will bring both financial and aesthetic returns for many years to come.