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What Are the Best Industries to Find a Job In?

High-demand work involves easily landing a job after your studies. Additionally, it comes with high pay and advancement probability. It could be that you are wondering what to study or considering a career change. This guide offers you five of the best industries you are likely to find a job in.


New technologies are shaping the outlook of industries. More people are working both from home and online, thus giving workers more autonomy. McKinsey statistics suggest that 90% of companies were more inclined to embrace hybrid work. It involves a large data flow that is at risk of getting hacked. This has led companies to focus on data privacy and security. As such, information security analysts are in high demand now more than ever.

People rely on technology systems for daily activities, such as ordering food and rides. These systems are built on code that needs maintenance. Also, it requires regular updating to protect it from bugs. This has fueled the demand for software engineers. Other sought-after tech experts include programmers and robotics engineers.

Digital Marketing

The internet has diversified marketing strategies. Companies need marketers who know how to grab people’s attention. With increased market competition, they have adopted digital marketing. In 2021, there were approximately 4.48 billion social media users globally. To remain relevant, companies must appeal to this large online presence. This is through social media marketing. Other channels that digital marketing leverages include:

  • Websites
  • Search engine optimization
  • Influencer marketing

Healthcare and Fitness

People are more willing to spend money to live longer, thanks to fitness and healthcare. Research has predicted an approximate 18 million increase in the number of people above age 65. This is between 2020 and 2030. Mental health and social assistance are a few fields with high employment rates. Occupational therapy assistants too. Yet, healthcare informatics is the backbone of the health industry. From driving better medical policies to research, it is promoting smart work practices.

Exercising is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. Over the next decade, the fitness industry is likely to grow by 23%. This is according to research done by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Fitness coaches instruct people on health and fitness. Trainers with a coaching program that delivers results will have a large client base. There is a rise in service in the fitness world. Coaches are boosting services by bringing in experts to hold workshops. For example, dieticians cover topics such as meal plan optimization. Also, Testosterone Replacement Therapists (TRT) educate people on testosterone level management.

Solar Energy

Global warming and climate change mitigation have led to a higher demand for green energy. Compared to fossil fuels, solar electricity has a lower ecological footprint. The solar sector is one of the fastest-growing industries. In the U.S., there are approximately 209,000 jobholders. Since November of 2010, there has been a 123% growth in employment positions. It averages 6.96-11.01 employment positions per megawatt of the life cycle. This industry requires both technical and non-technical expertise. It includes design and manufacturing as well as supply chain management.

Electrical Service

All systems require routine maintenance and repair to operate efficiently. Of all jobs, the electrical sector has the highest expected growth rate. In 2020, the Bureau of Labor Statistics recorded a 23% projected growth rate going back ten years. Maintenance involves troubleshooting and has a great return on investment. Besides increasing personnel safety, preventative maintenance also minimizes the chances of costly repairs. Lack thereof attributes directly to downtime. In 2020, World Bank statistics indicated that 100% of the U.S. has electricity access. Thus, the odds of employment in this sector are very high.

Technology has revolutionized operations across various workplaces. It is one of the industries with a high claim. So is the fitness industry, as more people are becoming health-conscious.