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Tips for Your Next Bathroom Makeover

As a homeowner, you’ll love to carry out different remodeling projects to improve the appearance of your home. Bathroom remodeling is a project worth contemplating. Compared to other living spaces, bathrooms are relatively smaller, making the remodeling task easier and faster. Besides this, a bathroom remodeling project is cheaper than other projects. Here are some great tips for your bathroom makeover.

1. Replace Flooring

Many bathrooms have tiled flooring, but you can update that to heated flooring. Heated flooring is affordable to install and will escalate your house’s value. Heated floors are economical compared to heating systems to add warmth to your bathroom. The floors are also warmer than the traditional tiles, which are relatively cold.

2. Improve Ventilation

Proper ventilation is key in your bathroom to increase the airflow and draw out odors and excessive moisture from your bathroom. Besides this, ventilation will prevent mildew and mold growth. Installing a vent fan is an ideal way to increase ventilation all year round, unlike bathroom windows, where they remain shut during inclement and cold weather seasons.

3. Replace Your Showerhead

The showerhead you have in your home will determine the amount of water you spend while showering. A low-flow showerhead is ideal since it pumps out less water, enabling you to save hundreds of gallons of water annually. Low-flow showerheads are more affordable than regular showerheads.

4. Repaint Your Bathroom

Repainting your bathroom will enhance a thrilling showering experience. Will repainting your bathroom escalate your home value? Yes, it will. For instance, repainting your bathroom with Periwinkle blue or powder blue can increase your home’s value by over $5,000. You only need to find unique colors and incorporate them into your bathroom. To spice up the appearance, you can paint different colors on the walls of your bathroom.

5. Have a Window Next to the Shower

Humidity is the worst enemy to a clean and well-organized bathroom and can easily lead to mold and mildew. Having a window next to the shower will aid in natural ventilation, enabling you to save on energy costs. In addition, you will enjoy natural lighting in your bathroom, and you won’t have to use your bathroom lights during the day. To maintain maximum privacy while showering, installing a frosted glass window is recommendable.

6. Spice Up the Interior Design

The interior design of your bathroom will have great significance in determining the value of the home. Approximately 26.97% of bathrooms feature a traditional interior design, but you might want to update to something more modern. You can contemplate adding wallpaper on your wall tiles, improving your bathroom countertops, or even introducing some plants on the corners of your bathroom.

Homeowners have embraced modern interior design techniques, which have escalated the overall home value. Approximately 29.51% of bathrooms feature a modern interior design, and this gives your property an upper hand when listing it.

7. Install a Cabinet

Toiletries and other bathroom accessories should be stored in a common area for ease of access. A bathroom cabinet will increase your bathroom storage space and enhance an elegant appearance. You can install the cabinet above the sinks but ensure you can easily reach the cabinet.

8. Increase Your Bathroom Mirrors

Bathroom mirrors will expand your bathroom visually and increase the light in the room. Besides your primary mirror, contemplate adding a secondary mirror. You can have a large mirror that will cover a great proportion of your wall. When installing mirrors, leave a space behind the mirror to facilitate efficient airflow and prevent mold from building up.

9. Use Quality Materials

This is a key tip you shouldn’t forget when undertaking a bathroom makeover. Ensure you choose quality materials, from the cabinet materials to the flooring materials. With quality materials, there is an assurance of an increased durability level of your remodeled bathroom. After purchasing quality materials, get a qualified professional to aid you in the remodeling project.

Before undertaking your bathroom makeover project, conduct proper budget planning. Ensure your bathroom makeover project escalates the value of your home.