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Tips for Choosing the Right OBGYN

Choosing the right OBGYN is a difficult task. There are so many factors to consider. It is vital to consider going on an interview with any potential providers for your upcoming birthing experience. For this reason, it is helpful to assemble a list of some critical questions you should ask yourself before you go about interviewing. Below are some tips for choosing the right OBGYN.

Consider the Type of Health Care Provider

Before deciding who will be attending your delivery, discuss your options with your partner. Some women are comfortable with having an OBGYN perform their birth experience. Other women would prefer to have a more hands-off approach. They like to give birth with the help of a certified midwife. Make sure everyone is on board with whatever you have selected.

Consider the Type of Health Insurance Company Used By the Health Provider

An insurance provider is responsible for paying claims to their clients. As per the National Floor Safety Institute, falls and slips are the leading cause of compensation claims for workers. They are also the number one cause of occupational injury for people fifty-five and above. The patient does not get to choose their medical provider to stay healthy. However, they do get to choose their health insurance company. Consider whether or not your provider’s office is part of your health insurance company’s network.

Determine the Medical Practitioner’s Specialization

As per the Common Wealth Fund, people in the U.S. with a primary care provider have 19% lower premature death rates. This is contrary to those who only see specialists for their care. Suppose you have a condition that requires you to see an endocrinologist every few months. Ideally, the patient should choose their OBGYN based on the doctor’s specialties. Ask them about any limitations they might have in treating patients with specific diseases or disabilities.

Ask About the Midwife’s Education

Suppose you are interested in having your baby delivered by a certified nurse-midwife or certified professional midwife. In that case, you want to make sure that the doctor you are hiring is credentialed in this specialty. 76% of prospective patients do their research on a provider’s website. Look up their credentials directly on their website. Confirm they have met all the requirements necessary to practice in the licensed state.

Consider the Provider’s Professionalism/Empathy

Once you have settled on your OBGYN, ask them questions about their demeanor and whether or not they have the type of bedside manner you want. Also, ask them how they handle difficult situations when they occur. For example, suppose a patient must be on bed rest before their due date because of a high-risk pregnancy. How do they react when the patient is having nightmares or experiencing other frightening symptoms? Does their body language change? Is there an apparent decline in their ability to put patients at ease during potentially stressful situations?

Can You Communicate With the Doctor?

It is also vital that you can communicate with them via phone, e-mail, or even text message if required in today’s modern world. This is particularly true if you have any questions or concerns about your condition. It may be uncomfortable to discuss specific issues over the phone. However, many women are more comfortable with this method than speaking face-to-face with their doctor.

Ask Around

You will want to talk with friends who have had babies. See who they recommend for the obstetrician. This way, you can hear about the doctor’s bedside manner, response time, and how available they are after the birth of your baby. That is critical to your well-being and maintaining a healthy pregnancy journey. Ask if the doctors have a specialty in gynecological care or any related matters to stay healthy. You do not want to go to a gynecologist who will be utterly clueless about breast or reproductive cancers.

No matter what questions you ask your OBGYN, always remember that the final decision is yours. Be sure to do ample research before making a final selection. This ensures that you prepare for any challenges throughout pregnancy and birth. You will want a doctor that you feel comfortable with. The best professional is one that can answer your questions. They should also explain complicated medical procedures so that you will understand.