Outdoor Activities Around Burlington, VT
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Outdoor Activities Around Burlington, VT

More Americans are noticing the importance of spending time outside and keeping active. One of the best ways to do this is to continue staying active in fresh air even when traveling.

Burlington is quickly becoming one of the largest road trip destinations in the country, so what does this city offer? 

Why Burlington?

Burlington is more than its coastline or fantastic skiing and snowboarding. This city boasts the best of every season and ensures you can enjoy all of them.  

In the winter, snow is abundant and available for ice skating to other icy sports. In the spring, you can enjoy the multiple parks that become vivid hues of green as the snow melts away. There are endless waterfront areas for boating, swimming, and other kinds of fun in summer. In fall, the leaves turn incredible hues and shades like a painting on every tree.  

Burlington understands outdoor activities, and these are the main ones locals tend to enjoy.  

ECHO, Leahy Center for Lake Champlain

If you want to take a break from looking at Burlington houses for sale and are curious about the local wildlife: you should head to Echo, the Leahy Center for Lake Champlain. This center goes over the growth and changes that have happened over the last forty years as those that live here have fought to improve water quality and increase the health of animals and plant life native to this area. Not only is there hands-on learning for kids, but adults can enjoy seeing the gorgeous wildlife and fantastic views while here.

Ethan Allen Homestead Museum

If you want to get an education while you’re taking in the gorgeous natural views Burlington has to offer: it’s time to head to the Ethan Allen Homestead Museum. As you walk through the grounds, you can either accept a guided tour or enjoy wandering the grounds on your own. The Ethan Allen home was built in 1787 and is the last of his to survive in the state. Although there are multiple plaques explaining the importance of the area, you can also simply enjoy the endless natural beauty here.

Waterfront Park

Beautiful year-round, Waterfront Park is one of the most photographed locations in Burlington. It’s worth a visit to enjoy watching the water ripple as boats glide across the surface. Not only can you go swimming or fishing here, but there are also endless sprawling green areas to simply lounge and enjoy watching the water.  

Catamount Trail Association

If you’re in town for winter sports, it’s time to check out the Catamount Trail Association. This collection of trails has everything from historic buildings to awesome skiing and snowboarding and even hiking sections. This gives everyone the chance to enjoy the fresh air and keep active even when the sun isn’t out.  

Burlington is like Paradise Year-Round

Whether you’re interested in visiting to enjoy skiing and snowboarding in the winter, or you’re eager to enjoy the waterfront fun in the summer, Burlington has something for everyone. Consider all of these outdoor activities, and you’ll fall in love with the area in no time!