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Keeping Your Home Warm for the Winter

If you haven’t looked at the news lately about energy prices, then you might be in for a shock the next time you open up a bill from your utility company. It turns out that prices have climbed sky-high for energy in many parts of the world. Thus, you might expect to pay a lot more on your energy bills than you did in the past.

Today, we want to offer some hacks for keeping your home warm during the winter that don’t involve you turning up the thermostat. If you can save some money on your energy bills, then that’s exactly what you should try to do.

Energy Lost Through Windows

The average home loses approximately 30% of its heating energy through windows. That means that you are literally watching money fly out the window if you don’t do something to seal them off better. You should focus some of your attention and energy on getting your windows sealed off in a way that will make it easier for you to keep the warm air in. Remember, you are paying for that heat, so you should try to insulate it into your house as best as possible.

You can look for better energy-storing windows, or you can use a DIY solution of tape and other sealants to try to keep as much of your heat in your home as you possibly can. Either way, you need to take steps to make sure you are not simply throwing heat out the window.

Most companies offer a warranty of three to 10 years on their windows according to Home Guide, so you will want to take advantage of that when you can.

Plumbing Leak Problems

There is potentially bad news for those who haven’t checked in on their plumbing situation in some time. Approximately one out of every 10 US homes have leaks in their plumbing systems. The bad news here is that it can be expensive to repair a plumbing leak, and this may also create another opportunity for heat to escape.

What this means for you is that you need to jump into action to get the plumbing issue taken care of ASAP. People often discover that they can’t exactly take care of their heating bills until they have addressed the plumbing issue. Thus, it might be fair to say that hiring a plumber is one step that you can take towards clearing up some of your heating problems.

Open Curtains on a Sunny Day

Letting a little sun in might be just what you need to help heat your home naturally. If you open up the curtains in your home on a sunny day, it might be possible for you to warm your home with the natural heat of the sun. This is much better than always reaching for the thermostat when you don’t need to.

Opening up curtains means that you can allow more natural sunlight to make its way into your home. This way, you can enjoy warmth and light without having to worry about spending money.

A little less strain on the thermostat might be just what you need to bring your heating bill down. After all, the more that you can use what nature has provided, the less you have to concern yourself with the possibility of an extremely high energy bill that doesn’t work out well for you.

With all of this in mind, make sure you use some strategies to bring in more heat to your home without sacrificing your comfort. It is challenging to try to make it through the winter without using at least some heat, and you shouldn’t have to do that. You just need to think carefully about the conversation efforts that you can make to use less heat overall.