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Home Renovation Projects to Draw Buyers to Your Property

Before you put your house up for sale, you need to consider how a potential buyer will see it. If it is in poor shape, or just looks too plain, you’re less likely to get a good price or sell it at all. However, some home repairs can go a long way toward improving its appearance. If you want to bring potential buyers into your property, consider some of these home renovation projects.

A New Roof

A new roof is a big investment, but it can improve your chances of selling your house. When potential buyers see a new roof, they’ll know that they won’t have to make that investment anytime soon. Realty Times says that the average lifespan of a roof is twenty to thirty years, as long as it is well-constructed and maintained. Some types of roofs, like shake-style shingle roofs, can last up to fifty years. While this is one of the more expensive investments you can make on your house, it might be worth doing if your roof is in poor shape to ensure people will be interested in purchasing the home.

Fresh Paint

For a simple home renovation project, consider painting your interior walls. House Grail says that after painting your walls, 88% of people are more interested in staying in those rooms. A new coat of paint can transform the space. It will make it look cleaner and well-cared for. It can also make a room look bigger or smaller, as well as brighten it up.

This is a home repair that is much cheaper and often does not require you to hire an expert. Instead, you can do it all yourself. So get some paint and transform your interior, brushes, and rollers to properly apply, and some plastic covers to ensure no paint is spilling on the floors or furniture. This will help bring more people in and show them this home is a good investment.

Exterior Repairs

If your home’s exterior is rough, then people are less likely to want to come inside and see the rest of it. Take some time to address any issues in your roof, siding, windows, and entrances. While replacing these can be expensive investments, they are often worth it. Taking the time to clean them may be a cheaper alternative, yet it may cause you to miss potential damage that can affect the value.

For instance, a new roof can provide an 85% return on investment when you sell the house. Even if the roof doesn’t need to be replaced, repairing it can make a big difference as well. Once people see a nice exterior, they’ll want to come inside and explore the rest of the house.


Don’t forget your yard when you make your home repair plan. Curb appeal is a major factor in bringing people in, and your yard plays a big role. Clean up your yard and make it more attractive to potential buyers. Show off the different ways they can use the yard. Emphasize things like gardening space, walkways, and the ways they can be used for socializing.

Finished Basement

If your basement can be finished, you might want to consider doing so before you list the house for sale. A finished basement provides buyers with a whole new living space that they can use in any way they want. A finished basement is a major investment, so it is one that you should carefully consider. However, it can make your home much more attractive and get you a better sales price.

As you get ready to sell your home, consider the ways you can renovate it to make things more appealing. Potential buyers need to see that your home is a good investment on their part, but if they don’t get in the door, they won’t see it. Begin planning your home repairs today, both big and small, to show them that your house is worth buying.