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Here’s What To Know If Your Child Gets Injured Playing Sports

Children love to play! Whether it be structured sports or chasing each other around, they will always be looking forward to participating in fun activities. However, this also comes with a downside, which is that most of their injuries come from falling and hurting themselves during play. One-third of childhood injuries occur when kids are playing organized sports such as hockey, soccer, and basketball, with the most common injuries being sprains, strains, and fractures. This article looks at the common causes of sports injuries in children, treatment options, and how the law can help with settlements in children’s injury suits.

Sports Injury Lawsuits for High School Students

While many high school kids involved in sports will experience injuries within their schools, institutions will not be willing to take care of the medical costs to treat these injuries. Parents of these children will be stuck with the bills and while medical insurance can cover some bills to the limit of a policy, they will sometimes seek the services of a lawyer to file a sports injury lawsuit in court for a larger settlement.

However, the process is quite costly and the results do not usually favor the parents, with most cases being thrown out of court as the institutions are protected by law against such liabilities. Most reputable associate attorneys around Seattle charge between $250/hr and $375/hr depending on practice area and experience. The courts will not usually charge the schools unless the parent’s lawyer can demonstrate that the child’s injury was a direct consequence of the school’s negligence. This is usually not easy to prove in a court of law and many of these suits will not get the settlements they were hoping for on many occasions. Engaging the services of a personal injury lawyer to review the individual factors of the case would be one way to pursue a larger settlement.

Golf Carts Injuries in Children

Motorized golf carts can now be used in public spaces, and are used in many states to run errands or for short trips. In most jurisdictions where golf carts are street legal, they are only allowed on roads with a speed limit of 35 mph or less. Children as young as 14 years can now operate these golf carts and, as such, accidents are bound to happen

Many of these accidents happen due to driver negligence, distraction, or substance abuse. Golf cart accidents in children and adolescents aged between 12 and younger have increased to more than 6,500 per year, and children riding in golf carts driven by others can be thrown out and injured and can be seriously hurt if the golf cart rolls over.

Dental injuries Injuries in Children

About 13% to 39% of dental injuries are sports-related. Many of these injuries will happen in sports such as basketball and football, where there is little facial protection to avert them. To treat the injuries in children, pediatric dentists have come up with ways that are gentle on children and that can calm them to be able to go through the procedure in a pain-free manner.

Dental professionals like those at Smilez Pediatric Dental Group have gained advanced training in the proper ways to employ and monitor pediatric dental sedation. Its practice is becoming more widespread, with as many as 250,000 pediatric dental sedations performed each year. This process manages the pain and anxiety of the child during and after the procedure and can last up to six hours after the procedure is done.

Injuries in kids playing sports will most likely happen at one point in their lives. To be prepared for them, it’s important to be aware of some of the causes, treatments, and legal ways to deal with settlements in children’s injury lawsuits.