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Do You Have Pests in Your Attic?

Pests like rodents, birds, wildlife, and insects may invade your attic and make themselves at home. This can have a lot of negative effects that no one wants to deal with. It’s important for you to know how to tell if you have pests in your attic and take the necessary steps to get rid of them.

You Hear Strange Sounds

If there are strange sounds coming from your roof, this may be a sign that there are unwelcome guests in your attic. These sounds include chirping, scratching, and scurrying, especially at night. This is because these pests are generally going to be active at night. These noises may also resonate along your roof’s edges. This is because this is where pests will have the easiest access into and out of your residence. Since roofs can last for anywhere from 20 to 30 years, you must make sure that yours isn’t at risk of being destroyed by pests moving into your attic. Pests can cause enough damage to necessitate a roof replacement or call for major fixes to be made.

There Are Strange Smells

You may also be smelling strange smells from the attic, and these could be instances of the pests’ waste or even the dead and decaying pests that may have lived out their entire lifespan in your attic. These strange smells may cause sensitive people in your house to develop allergic reactions like sneezing and getting congested. As such, it’s crucial for the comfort of every member of your family to make sure you get rid of any pests in your home before they start to affect you.

You Find Holes In Your Home

Holes in and around your home are also evidence of pests trying or succeeding to get into your home. These pests include rodents and birds, which need a considerable hole to gain access to your home. They may also destroy your home’s vents in a bid to make it into your house and make a home. While insects will also burrow and make holes on occasion, they generally have an easier time finding a way through cracks and poorly-sealed edges along your roof. Note that ants are the most concerning pest for people. They’re followed by spiders and cockroaches. When you see the signs of a possible infestation and call experts to look closely, they’ll know the pests behind the signs as well as the most efficient and safe way to get and keep them out of your home.

You See Animal Droppings

If you can see animal droppings in your attic when you go up there, this is a dead giveaway that there are pests and rodents in your home. These droppings may also be outside your home on the ground around where the pests go into and out of your attic. There may also be droppings around the foundation of your home or where the gutter drains water off your roof. Note that if you let an infestation get out of hand, you may need to pay for extensive roof repairs, as it may become hard to restore your roof to the right state. As such, you should have a fumigator get rid of pests immediately if you find out that there are some in your home’s attic. Note that in 2021, the roofing industry was expected to climb to a value of $19.9 billion. Don’t wait until you need to take drastic steps after pest damage, since doing so may prove expensive for you.

Use these signs to find out if you have pests in your attic. Call a pest exterminator to help you get rid of the pests in your home. You’ll be grateful you took these steps before things get out of hand.