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7 Tips to Help Plan the Perfect Wedding at Home

Whether it’s your partner’s parent’s lake house, your childhood backyard, or your grandparents’ cottage in the country, there’s no place like home. Planning an at-home wedding is a fantastic idea. It’s one of the coziest and most welcoming wedding styles ever. Not only is your guest attendance list strict, but your wedding is also more meaningful, and you get to save more for your honeymoon. However, there are several factors to take into account. You need to plan for logistics such as transport, photos, weather, toilets, neighbors, and more. Here are seven tips to help plan the perfect wedding at home.

1. Inspect the Space You’re Working With

The first major detail to take care of when organizing a backyard wedding is the space you’re working with. Determine whether it’s enough to fit your guest count, and also if you can do all the events, including the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception in the space, and if it’ll allow for a sit-down dinner or a cocktail wedding.

You also need to determine if there are areas that need to be cleared and if your lawn needs some attention. The best way to prepare your lawn for a backyard wedding is to hire a professional landscaper. According to Arborists Near Me, 90% of homeowners believe yard maintenance is important, and two out of three backyard owners say they’d hire a professional tree service to take care of their trees.

Next, think about flooring. Depending on your theme, flooring will ensure your guests can move about easily. Some tent rentals usually come with rental floorings. You’ll also likely have to rent tables, chairs, place settings, table linens, napkins, dinnerware, and barware, depending on the theme. Wedding rentals are valuable for couples who decide to host their weddings and receptions in their backyards. Besides the area for the main event, you’ll also need to reserve a section for vendors to set up the food prep area. Another important factor to consider is the power supply. You’ll typically need more power supply points for the lights, sound system, etc. Renting a generator to handle the extra electricity load is a smart move.

You also need to think about washrooms for your guests. Consider renting upscale portable potties, or if your guest room is close by, you can use it instead to save some cash. You can personalize the comfort rooms by placing breath mints, proper hand-washing reminders, and sanitizers.

2. Secure Permits

Make sure you have the necessary at-home event permits in hand before you commit to anything and pay deposits to suppliers. Additional inspections, such as fire safety and electrical, may also be required, and some health protocols must be met before hosting a party in your backyard.

3. Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting for your home is important. According to LEDs Magazine, homes without outdoor lighting had a 7% higher risk of becoming the victim of a crime than neighborhoods and homes with outdoor lighting. To ensure the safety of your guests as the ceremony extends into the night, fix any faulty outdoor lighting and consider renting more to ensure the space is well-illuminated.

4. Guest List

Keep your guest list intimate by only inviting those closest to you. If you adore pets, ask the guests to bring theirs. Consider family-style dining if you have the space.

5. Neighbors

You owe it to your neighbors to let them know there will be noise and new faces in the neighborhood. If you have a good relationship with them, extend an invitation. If you’re not close or can’t accommodate them, send some drinks along with a polite note that includes the contact number of someone they can reach.

6. Photos

A home photo session is different from one at a studio or a typical wedding venue. The photographer must know how to approach home shooting. Show them the nicest spots in your home, but let them know they have the freedom to suggest ideas. Explain to them the significance of the spots you show them. Don’t hesitate to inform the photographer of the look you’re hoping to achieve in your pictures. This information will ensure you’re not disappointed at the end of the day.

7. Entertainment

For music and dancing, pick a soundproofed space in your house or hand out earpieces to cut down on noise pollution. You can also entertain guests with card games, table tennis, and board games.

An at-home wedding can be amazing. Feel free to use these tips to plan the perfect wedding at home.