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5 Ways to Increase Your Home’s Value by Maintaining Your Lawn

Various lawn care and maintenance trends have emerged, from setting up pet-friendly gardens and embracing eco-friendly gardening to utilizing the lawn for entertainment. Excellent lawn maintenance is essential when trying to boost your property’s value. Yet, you must understand what to embrace in this pursuit. The following information provides details about what lawn maintenance practices can help boost property value.

Invest in a Swimming Pool

Trendy swimming pools will readily boost the value of your property. Today, there are approximately 10.4 million swimming pools spread across America. Your home should have one. Yet, it must be modern enough to boost property values incredibly. A well-designed and built swimming pool will likely increase your property value by 7%.

At the same time, you could consider a water feature. Notable options include waterfalls, small ponds, and fountains. These water features improve your curb appeal, boost ambiance, and boost property value. In addition, these features are pretty easy to maintain.

Hardscaping Helps

There has been a significant shift towards hardscaping. You can attribute it to the substantial property value increase associated with the project. First, it will increase the resale value of your property by boosting the curb appeal. Various hardscape colors and textures can be used in such instances, making the home beautiful and welcoming.

Hardscaping boosts safety and security, a priority among most potential homebuyers. You can install energy-efficient landscape lighting in the patios and paver walkways. They will also help improve nighttime ambiance, safety, and functionality. You can rely on these hardscapes to prevent soil erosion and maintain the structural integrity of various units on your property.

Tree Removal and Care Are Essential

Suppose you want to improve the value of your home. In that case, you should consider tree planting, maintenance, and removal. Planting trees will make your home appealing, calm, and friendlier to the environment. With most people aiming for sustainability and environmental protection, increased greenery will be a perfect way to attract these potential buyers.

However, you’ll need to consider tree removal when the trees become too many or unhealthy. Tree removal improves your curb appeal, offers a better view, and creates extra space. You can use the extra space created to build outdoor living spaces. In addition, you will protect other healthy trees. Investing in professional tree services will help improve safety on your premises.

Big Plantings Improve Curb Appeal

Consider relatively big plantings. Today, most people are attracted to pretty giant plants. They anchor your design. These plants will add a touch of nature and beauty to your home, attracting potential homebuyers.

However, you must be careful with the plantings you choose. Ensure that they are relatively bright and appealing. It would be best to select those not too large to obstruct your windows. Above all, your choice should not be attractive to critters and snakes.

Various studies show that 90% of homeowners value yard maintenance, while 67% would likely seek professional tree services for this task. Hiring a professional tree service provider and an arborist will help you choose and maintain trees and plantings on your property.


Research by Businesswire.com shows that 32% of Americans garden in their yards multiple times weekly. The goal is to make the lawn attractive and presentable. First, having a garden on your property could increase your resale value by approximately 5%. This figure will significantly rise if the lawn is presentable and well-maintained.

Various steps go into excellent lawn maintenance. Adequate fertilization keeps your lawn appealing, healthy, and sustainable. You will also consider regular watering, proper mowing, and weed control. These elements will ensure that your grass and plants thrive. At the same time, install lighting in your garden to boost ambiance and safety.

Proper lawn maintenance enhances your property’s resale value. Yet, you must understand what activities to consider on this property. The insights above are a perfect headstart to a thriving lawn in the long run.