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5 Ways Sheet Metal is Used

Sheet metal, which is thin, flat pieces of metal formed by an industrial process, plays a major role in metalworking. This is because it’s versatile, pliable, and an amazing insulator. Here are five ways in which it’s used.

1. For Jewelry Making

In jewelry-making, sheet metal is often used due to its pliable and durable nature. The most common types of sheet metal used in this industry are alloys, which are generally combinations of metal and non-metal. These alloys are extra strong and will often retain their luster for a long time after creation. The fact that currently, sheet metal accounts for approximately $30 billion in revenue for the United States shows that it’s used in many applications, some of which make good returns, in the jewelry-making industry.

2. In the Medical Industry

In the medical industry, there are also applications for sheet metal in making medical equipment. Thanks to its lightweight nature, durability, and strength, it can be used to make reliable and long-lasting equipment that’s been customized to a high degree of perfection. Ultrasound machines, MRI equipment, nuclear medicine cabinets, and ultrasound machines are all crafted from the relevant sheet metal. This equipment is aesthetic and functional to an amazing degree, so it’s accurate to say that sheet metal has helped revolutionize the field of medicine to some extent.

3. In Construction

In the field of construction and architecture, sheet metal also has a number of applications. It makes an amazing roofing material that can last for a long time in a good state. Alloys make great functional pieces as well, depending on the final outcome that’s expected. Depending on the specific material used, metal roofs can last between 40 and 70 years, making them a sound financial investment. Sheet metal is also used to fashion rain gutters and flashing, as well as the conductor pipes that direct water away from a building. It’s clear that there are many creative ways in which sheet metal can be used in construction.

4. In Transportation

The transportation industry is another major field in which sheet metal is widely used. It’s used to manufacture the bodies of vehicles, including RVs and trailers. The wings and fuselages of airplanes are also made out of sheet metal, which makes them strong, durable, and lightweight as well. This final characteristic is one that has made sheet metal an indispensable material in the transportation industry in general. It’s also used in the manufacture of railroad cars, so it’s clear that sheet metal has a number of applications in transportation.

5. For Fire Prevention

The fifth industry in which sheet metal is used widely is fire prevention. This is based on the fact that thin metal strips combined to form sheet metal are an amazing fire retardant. With this in mind, it’s easy to see why sheet metal makes the best material to be used as an insulator in furnaces as well as ductwork. It can also be used as a wall covering and be patterned in such a way that it resembles brickwork, increasing its aesthetic appeal. It’s also used to fashion office elevators, of which an average one makes around 400,000 trips every year. In an office building, escalators and elevators run for about 10 hours each day. For offices in which people work for five days a week, the elevators will operate for about 260 working days or 2600 hours each year.

From the five uses of sheet metal above, it’s easy to see how it has helped shape different industries. It will continue to see a lot of use as time goes by, becoming even more efficient and versatile as its uses get more refined.