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5 Upgrades For Your Kitchen This Year

If you’ve decided to upgrade your kitchen, you may be wondering about the best upgrades to make. These should ideally make it more functional and pleasant to be in, increasing your home’s value in the process. Outlined below are five upgrades that you can make to your kitchen this year for the best outcome. When you do this, you’re sure to feel proud and show it off whenever you have guests over!

1. Work on the Cabinets

If your cabinets look old and worn, you could reface them and give them new life. A coat of paint or some wallpaper will work wonders and could make them look as good as new. When doing this, remember that 41% of homeowners view white as the ideal color for kitchen cabinets. To make your kitchen appealing in a neutral way that won’t go out of fashion in a short time, you can paint your cabinets white. If you need to install new cabinets, you could also consider getting them in white, since it will be easy to change the color in the future if you ever want to.

2. Spruce Up the Backsplash

Your kitchen backsplash can easily get your kitchen looking fresh and new. That’s because it’s typically going to draw a lot of attention. Giving it an upgrade can work wonders for your entire kitchen. This is an upgrade that can be done fast and easily. The backsplash is also a part of the kitchen that’s typically exposed to a lot of wear and tear. You’ll notice the change instantly when you refresh it, as will everyone else who visits your kitchen after the update.

3. Upgrade the Floor

The kitchen floor is another area of the kitchen that’s exposed to a lot of use. From high traffic and lots of spills and stains, the kitchen floor may wear fast. The best floor for your kitchen, should you decide to get an upgrade, is one that won’t stain easily and that will be easy to clean without being too slippery. Vinyl and ceramic tiles are two popular options for kitchen flooring. Whichever you choose, make sure that it matches the decor in the rest of the house and kitchen. You could also add a special coating to it to improve its durability. Note that the global market for floor coatings, according to Allied Market Research, is expected to reach a market value of $5.5 billion by the year 2030. This shows that a good number of people see the benefits of floor coatings, so you could also take advantage of them.

4. Get New Appliances

You can improve the efficiency of your kitchen by getting new appliances for it. These should ideally have a good ENERGY STAR rating that will assure you of the best quality. If there are any appliances that work at a standard that you don’t really like, take this opportunity to get those that come with improved functions. In doing this, you’ll also be improving your home’s sustainability.

5. Update the Plumbing

Don’t forget about the plumbing in your kitchen since it plays a major role in the general functioning of the space. If there are worn fixtures, replace them and talk to your plumber about any slow-flowing drains and low pressure. They should get to the root of the matter fast enough to restore your kitchen back to a great state. With 30% of home insurance claims involving water damage, you need to secure your home from the possibility of such an issue.

Make these five upgrades to your kitchen and you’ll have made it more efficient and functional. You may even get motivated to cook more, something that could have a positive impact on your health as you could make healthy meals.