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5 Things to Consider When Remodeling Your Basement

Your basement is a part of your home that you simply shouldn’t ignore. In fact, more than 60% of basements have a problem with moisture. If you’ve decided that this is the right time to do a basement remodel, then you need to do it right. Read on to see five things that you need to consider when remodeling your basement so that you can get it right and have a favorable and worthwhile outcome as a result.

1. Try Your Hand at DIY

While it’s important to only let experts deal with the electrical and plumbing of your home, there are some things you can easily DIY. These include painting, working on the insulation, and sealing small gaps and cracks with a material such as caulk. Remember that the basement is a sensitive space and you need to work with a professional for the more technical things. This ensures that you can maintain safety and have them done the right way. Up to 35% of remodeling jobs were whole home renovations, according to recent data. If you similarly have other renovations to do around the house, it may be easier to let the experts deal with everything simply.

2. Lighting Is Important

If you add lighting to your basement, you’ll make the space a lot more livable than it may currently be. This is going to improve the value of your home and also give you extra space which you can use as you please. This means that it’s a good idea for you to add light sources such as windows if possible. These will help a lot with air circulation as a plus, and it’s one of the renovations that will need to be done by a professional. This is because it must first be confirmed that the remaining walls can handle the ensuing weight. Artificial lighting will also go a long way, so don’t forget about it.

3. Think About Heating

While the basement isn’t often put into consideration when installing heating and cooling, you may benefit from it. This is if you need to make the space more livable than it currently is, so find out from your HVAC technician if your existing system can support the basement, on top of the demands of the rest of the house. You may need to get a new or smaller one to serve the basement. With two to three million heating and cooling systems getting replaced in the United States every single year, you’ll be in good company when replacing yours.

4. Don’t Forget About the Flooring

Some flooring options will work better than others for the basement, while others may not. Among the best flooring options are ceramic tile, vinyl planks, and engineered wood flooring. These are going to be able to withstand moisture and humidity well while keeping the basement presentable and functional. Solid wood is going to be affected drastically by any changes in moisture levels, and that’s why this isn’t the right option for your basement flooring.

5. Deal With Toxins

Last but not least, it’s a good idea for you to test for common toxins such as radon. If you find that any are present, eradicate them as soon as you possibly can so that you can mitigate any issues. Find a professional to test and control the toxins that you suspect may be in your basement so that you can make it safe for you and your family. This is going to help get the entire home safer and so it’s an important consideration to make.

Consider these five things when working on a basement remodel so that you can get the best possible outcome. You’ll get your money’s worth and can spend time in this space a lot more comfortably and confidently as a result.