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5 Gifts for the Boujee Teenager in Your Life

While being a teenager is challenging, trying to buy a gift for a boujee teenager in your life is even harder. They are picky, and sometimes you invest in a gift only for them to say they don’t like it. While it is easy to ask them and get their opinion, sometimes you just want to surprise them. Most people say you should always get something you can return. If they don’t like the gift, you can replace it. Below is a compiled list of some of the interesting gifts to get for kids.

1. A Car

As an adult, you remember how exciting it felt to get your first car. From the moment you start taking your teen for driving classes, they start anticipating when they will get their first car. New cars are introduced into the market every year. In 2020, Americans bought around 14,471,800 cars. This just goes to show how big the market is. The challenging part is finding a balance between your budget and the features your teen wants. Always prioritize safety features. Teens are more likely to get into accidents, as they lack much driving experience. A car with multiple safety features reduces the risk of getting into accidents or suffering from severe injuries if involved in an accident. Make sure to get a quality car that will serve your teen for a long time.

2. An Affirmation Card Deck

Does your teen need good vibes? An affirmation card deck is a great gift. Everyone needs some positive self-talk once in a while. This is particularly important for teens who struggle with things like self-esteem, body confidence and fitting in. Affirmation cards will help them with happy thoughts. Most decks come with 30 cards holding different statements like ‘I am good enough’ or ‘I am grateful today.’ Each statement is backed by a stronger message, giving your child much-needed clarity.

3. Reading Pillow

If your teen is a literature junkie, they will appreciate a reading pillow. Even if they have a desk in the room, they sometimes want to relax in bed as they enjoy the Harry Potter or the Hunger Games series. Unfortunately, that simple pleasure can quickly become uncomfortable if one cannot find the right position. In a worst-case scenario, if your teen continues subjecting their body to uncomfortable positions, they can suffer from back pain. While it’s estimated that about 80% of Americans will suffer back pain at one point in their lives, you can ensure your teen is not on that list by getting them a reading pillow.

4. A Skincare Mini Fridge

Most teens understand one of the ways to achieve great skin is through a skincare routine and good products. And if you have noticed that she places some of her skincare products in the crisper, why not gift her a skincare mini fridge? Skincare fridges are becoming popular, where one can store lotions, masks, potions, and mists. They help products last longer and are smaller than medicine cabinets, meaning they will fit right into their bedroom.

5. A Flower Vase

Is your teen always receiving or buying flowers? Who doesn’t like receiving flowers from loved ones? In fact, in 2019, more than 250 million roses were produced for Valentine’s day. That’s just how much people love flowers! Go the extra mile and get your teen a vase as well. The trick here is not to get the usual vase design you can find in any home — your kid will probably not like it. Do a bit of research and find something unique. Today’s vases are taking unique shapes of animals, bulbs, arms, etc. You can visit a pottery shop for a custom-made vase with your kid’s name ingrained in it. A personalized gift always wins people’s hearts.

Teenagers will always throw cues in conversations about gifts they would like. Listening to them as they mention things in passing can give you a clear picture of their expectations. Even without that, the list mentioned above gives you some great ideas you can try out on the fancy teen in your life.