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4 Ways Your Home Can Reflect Your Personal Style

For many, if not all, homeowners, it’s important to have a home that reflects their style. This helps give a sense of ownership and comfortable familiarity and pride in one’s achievements. The following are four ways in which you can have your home reflect your personal style.

1. Remodel Specific Spaces

Rather than take on an entire home remodeling project, you could start with a few key spaces. The best spaces to start with are those that are the most frequently used, as this way, the effect of your remodels will be felt. One such space is the kitchen, which is a popular space in many homes. The average kitchen, which, according to Better Homes & Gardens, has around 30 cabinets, has a lot of potential improvements to make.

With cabinets, you may not even need to change cabinets in their entirety, but you can simply reface them. Do this by either painting them or applying some wallpaper to them so that they look new and refreshed. You could also simply change the knobs to newer ones and you may not believe the difference that this could make.

2. Get Personalized Decor

Your home should have some decor to make it lively and appealing, especially to you. With this in mind, look for artwork that you feel speaks to you and display it throughout the house. The options for this are endless, as you can use plants, stuffed toys, pictures, and even odd collections you may have accumulated from hobbies or travels.

Since it’s your home, you can get away with almost anything, and with some research online, you will find some creative ideas that you may not have thought about. The best part about this is that you can DIY if you feel up to it, and this will only add to the sense of pride you have in your ultimate outcome.

3. Finish Any Unfinished Spaces

If your home has some rooms and spaces that are unfinished, such as the basement and garage, it’s a good idea to finish them. Doing this can give you more room to unleash your creativity all while you improve your home’s value. Once you do this, you can share in the sentiments of 81% of homeowners who say that they have a greater desire to spend time at their home and they enjoy it more after completing a remodel of their basement.

It may not need to be anything extreme, as long as the insulation, lighting, and other key elements have been put into consideration. You can dedicate a specific use to the newly finished space, such as making it an entertainment or hobby room.

4. Get New Furniture

Finally, furniture has a big impact on your home and so you can use it to play up the custom feel that your home has. In a survey involving over 2,000 consumers, 72.2% of the respondents said that the design of their furniture reflected their personality. Another 67% agreed with this statement, saying that a lot can be said about a person based on the furniture that the person owns.

With this in mind, shop for furniture that matches the rest of your home and that feels good for you. It doesn’t have to be custom-made or brand new from the shop. You can thrift pieces and buy second-hand, as there’s a good chance that other people share your tastes, as quirky as they may feel.

Use these four methods to ensure that your home reflects your personal style and exudes your taste in all ways. This will help you feel a lot more relaxed while at home and you will feel proud whenever someone comments that your home has a unique touch.