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4 Basic Skin Care Tips to Use Daily

It is very important to take care of your skin. As the largest organ in your body, your skin keeps you safe from injury and contamination from outside sources. If you want it to work to the best of its ability, you need to give it regular care and treatment. If you’re not knowledgeable about skincare, there are still some things that you can easily do to keep your skin happy. Here are some basic skincare tips to use daily.

1. Don’t Touch Your Face

Do your best to avoid touching your face throughout the day. As you go about your life, your hands pick up germs. When you touch your face, those germs are transferred to the skin there. Face skin is more delicate, so it is more likely to become inflamed or infected from these germs. Plus, your face has multiple entrances to your body. If the germs make their way into these orifices, you risk getting sick. Make sure that you’re aware of where your hands are throughout the day. Make a point of keeping them away from your face.

2. Bathe Regularly

You want to take showers or baths regularly for many reasons, but proper skin care is one of them. You need to keep your skin clean. If you go too long between showers, the dirt, dust, and oils on your skin can clog your pores. This can lead to acne, inflammation, and other issues. Unless your home is extremely clean, you’re going to be exposed to dust daily. Dust is made up of 70% dead skin flakes and 30% other sources brought in from outside, like soil. Too much exposure to dust and dirt can make your skin dirty, which can eventually cause issues. Make showers a regular part of your life.

3. Keep a Routine

If you start a skincare routine, make sure you’re doing it daily. This is easy when your life is going as usual. Once you’re in the habit, you’ll be washing your face and applying moisturizer each night. However, a break in your usual routine can cause you to break your skincare routine as well. Things like going to college can throw everything off. However, continuing in college is very important. According to a Noel Levitz presentation at CCCU, a student who visits campus has a 40% higher yield rate. Plus, college can be chaotic no matter what time of year it is. By making a point of keeping your skincare routine, you ensure that your skin will remain healthier than it otherwise would.

4. Know Your Skin Type

Different skin types have different needs. Even though this requires a little bit of research, it is still a basic part of skin care. Take some time to figure out your specific skin type by going to trustworthy websites to learn more information. One Google study found that new visitors to a site will judge it within 50 milliseconds, so there may be sites that aren’t as useful to you as you do your research. Look for sites run by experts in skincare. They’ll be able to explain it to you in simple, non-intimidating terms that will make it easier to figure out what you need.

Once you know your skin type, you’ll want to base your skincare on this information. It will help you choose the right types of cleansers and moisturizers. You don’t need to go wild with these products, but they can be very helpful.

Skincare can be stressful. However, even basic care can make your skin feel and look much healthier. If you’re new to skincare, keep these tips in mind. If you apply them daily and make them part of your life, it will be easy to keep your skin healthy.