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3 Ways to Save Money as a Homeowner

After purchasing the home of your dreams, you’ve become more familiar with how quickly costs add up. Sure, it’s nice to finally be the happy homeowner you’ve always wanted to be. However, the money seems to go out faster than you thought it would. Now it’s time to buckle down. Learn how to get more enjoyment and less stress out of your investment with these three very useful ways to save money.

Fix Any Leaks

Undoubtedly, things leaking around your home cost you more than they should. Think of situations like a leaky faucet or a torn toilet flapper. Considered to be easy-to-fix leaks, you can solve these problems with minimal effort or cost. While minor, if you make the necessary repairs, you can save around 10% on your monthly water bill. It might not seem like much, but over the years, those savings really add up! Repairing small leaks is something most homeowners can handle with a quick trip to the hardware store and some reputable directions online. You can also call up a trusted plumbing company. Working with a professional may cost a little more upfront, but it will eventually still pay for itself.

Become More Energy Efficient

Houses in the U.S. run on more energy than ever. Just look around, and you’ll likely find several items plugged in, charging, or in full operation. If you’re trying to save money, think about what’s being used up when you leave lights, TV, and other devices on more than necessary. When leaving a room for an extended period, unplug or turn off whatever isn’t needed. For example, you can unplug phones and tablets or shut off lamps and television sets.

In addition to being more aware of your energy consumption, consider switching to more energy-efficient appliances. If your refrigerator, air conditioner, or furnace needs to be updated, it’s likely not operating as efficiently as something more modern would. Again, this is an upfront cost, but it will pay you back soon enough.

Take a Look at Your Roof

Have you ever thought of the energy efficiency lost or gained depending on the condition of your roof? With an upgrade to a more energy-efficient model, your roof will reflect the sun’s rays, lowering the surface temperature by as much as 50 degrees Fahrenheit. If the roof’s surface is always cooler because of the ability to reflect the sun, you can expect you won’t have to pay as much for your monthly heating and cooling bill. In addition, the peak cooling demand is often lowered by 10 to 15% through better insulation from the heat. With rising energy costs inevitable, this is a fix you can make today and take advantage of for many years.

How can you tell if it’s time for a new roof? Typically, your roofing systems should be replaced after about 15 to 25 years. However, the only way to know for sure is by having a roof inspection done by a qualified roofing contractor. With the plethora of energy-efficient roofing materials available, you should be able to find an option that is suitable for your structure and budget.

Think of these savings as a way to keep money in your pocket and maybe even take advantage of benefits like tax rebates for energy-efficient improvements. For example, residential properties in the city of St Louis are taxed at 19%. By completing some of these quick and easy fixes, you can think about it as a way of cutting that number down. Check what’s available in terms of tax rebates in your state for specific details. As soon as you’re finished making the changes to your home, you will quickly notice the savings adding up.